Keeping the Headlights Bright

Today, virtually all headlights are covered by a plastic shield to protect the bulbs from weather and objects that might fly up and hit them. Over time, this plastic shield may lose some of its clarity and become dim.

It is easy to clean or replace that plastic or glass shield. Special cleaning solutions are available at your local dealer and at some auto parts stores.

Other ways to improve the brightness of your headlights is to replace the older, more standard bulbs with newer ones, such as LED's. These are much bright than the older halogen lights and other types of bulbs that used to be standard. And, you can always replace the cover itself with a clearer, brighter one.

If you feel the need for brighter headlights, come in and see us at Charbonneau Chrysler Center in Dickinson. We are always glad to help our customers and show them how to safely improve their headlights.

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