How to Keep Yourself Safe From Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning can happen at any time when there's a thin layer of water on the road, providing an opportunity for water to build up under your vehicle's tires at a rate quicker than the car can handle. When this happens, the vehicle's tires glide on the water instead of keeping traction on the road, causing you to lose control.

Hydroplaning can be a scary experience. But fortunately there are ways to minimize the chance of it happening.

  • Buy the Right Tires. Tires that are worn are more susceptible, so it's important to maintain your tires by choosing ones that are built to prevent hydroplaning. You can also replace your tires on a regular basis to prevent driving on worn or bald tires.
  • Slow Down. When you notice a storm or rainfall, slow down to appropriate speeds and try to avoid any situation where you have to speed up.

Rotating your tires helps maintain balance and traction, which is especially important when it rains or snows. If you would like to know more about preventing hydroplaning, please visit us at Charbonneau Chrysler Center.

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