Common Alignment Issues

Many drivers have experienced a vehicle that pulls to one side while going down the road. A vehicle might also pull to one side after applying the brakes. You might have also experienced strange vibrations felt on the steering wheel. These are all typically symptoms of poor alignment. If left uncorrected, the problem puts undue premature wear and tear on the tires. This can be particularly dangerous on roads covered with rain or snow.

Our team of highly-experienced car technicians at Charbonneau Chrysler Center will help you diagnose and remedy the problem. By hearing the symptoms you relay to us and taking wheel angle measurements, we will quickly uncover the malfunction and perform the appropriate action. Not only will your vehicle handle better, your tires will last longer. You may also see improved fuel efficiency.

When a vehicle has tracking problems or other issues, bring it to our garage for inspection or find the Mopar parts you need for proper repair.

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