Avoid Common Hazards When Changing a Flat Tire

Have you ever experienced a flat and then realized that your spare tire is flat also after you’ve lifted the vehicle, loosened the lug nuts and removed the flat tire? It can be extremely frustrating. Be sure to always check your spare tire before beginning to change the flat, and you will save yourself a great deal of frustration!

Another common mistake is to attempt to loosen the lug nuts after lifting the vehicle. It can be extremely difficult to loosen the lug nuts without the foundation of the road. Be sure to pre-loosen the lug nuts while the vehicle is still on the ground.

When replacing the spare, tighten the lug nuts starting at a six o’clock position, then twelve o’clock, followed by a three and nine o’clock position. Stay safe, and remember that Charbonneau Chrysler Center is available for all of your Chrysler service needs in Dickinson, ND!

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