What is a Blown Gasket?

The gaskets in your vehicle keep fluids within the car from improperly mixing together. They are also needed to keep harmful particles out of the working parts of the motor. Sometimes, a gasket will blow. This means that the gasket has malfunctioned, and your vehicle may experience damage.

One gasket that may blow is the head gasket. One function of this gasket is to keep the gas, coolant and the oil in your car from mixing up together. If your engine gets too hot, it can damage the head gasket and lead to failure. If the head gasket goes bad, you will notice a lack of power in the engine. Coolant may also leak into the oil damaging the engine. If the head gasket fails, pressure can build up in the engine, causing the radiator to blow.

If you suspect gasket problems with your car, contact Charbonneau Chrysler Center for auto diagnosis and repair in Dickinson, ND.

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