Don't Let Winter Get You or Your Car Down

We're not the only ones that need more protection in the winter. Your vehicle also needs a little extra protection. Cold weather can be hard on a car’s battery, internal parts and body. Whether it’s the cold temperatures, damp weather or salt on the road, we want to keep you aware of ways to protect your car. At Charbonneau Chrysler Center, we offer many of the supplies you may need and can also offer some great tips on winter driving.

Check your owner’s manual and follow the recommendations for maintenance intervals. Check your tires for wear and correct air pressure. Even if your vehicle is not due for service, check all the fluid levels as well as lights, blinkers and sensors.

If you’re not a DIY type of person, consider letting us do the service work for you. Join the group of smart drivers who provide their cars with year-round maintenance.



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