Passengers Have Access to Various Technologies in the Chrysler 300's Cabin

The Chrysler 300 has technologies that run on a touchscreen and audio solutions that are compatible with the latest consumer electronics. If you buy a Chrysler 300, you'll use these technologies on a regular basis.

When you drive a Chrysler 300, Unconnect will provide tactical advantages. For example, if your phone rings, you can answer it with Unconnect using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Both of these smartphone solutions increase safety by transmitting audio information through the Chrysler's main speaker system. The audio equipment in the cabin consists of nine speakers, one subwoofer, and an amp. Passengers can experience how this system fills the cabin with bold sounds while playing music on an portable audio device or the radio.

Charbonneau Car Center is one of the best places where you can set up a test drive in a Chrysler 300. We always strive to provide great customer service, so we'll go above and beyond to make each test drive convenient.



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