Class-Exclusive Options Under the Hood of the Dodge Charger

Having a high-performance design, the Dodge Charger offers class-leading output. Three engine blocks are optional for this full-size sedan that's sold by Charbonneau Chrysler Center. Two of the V8 gas engines have the signature HEMI design, which is used in other makes and models.

Designed by Mopar, a cold air intake system is available for this powerful Dodge vehicle. By directing air into and out of the mainfold, this system efficiently regulates the temperature under the hood. Therefore, you'll get significant increases in horsepower and torque when the Mopar system works at optimum levels.

The new Charger also has the base engine controller that regulates several combustion parameters. For example, this technology precisely adjusts the ratio of fuel and air during every cycle. The timing in the valvetrain is monitored and calibrated based on the projected output. Additionally, the base engine controller manages the tachometer readings when the engine is idle.



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